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Working in and around the golf industry for many years and having been around the game my whole life, people often ask how important it is to be fit for golf clubs. The answer is simple....VERY important.

Whether you play 10 times a week, 10 times a year or just beginning- having the properly fitted golf clubs makes a tremendous difference. To make a simple analogy, you wouldn't walk into a shoe store, look at the guy next to you and buy whatever he's buying. You would sit down, measure your feet for width and length and then try a couple pair on for comfort and style...golf clubs deserve the same attention and more because it is a substantially greater investment.

At Apex Golf Custom Fitting we want to make you comfortable with your golf equipment. We want to build a relationship with you that you can lean on and put your trust in us for all your golf needs. Our philosophy is one built on tradition and simplicity backed by the best modern technology in the market.

Style, length, comfort and the ability to "try on" different equipment is what we will help you with during our fitting process.


Featured Services

Advanced Fit


This service is our most popular fit. Whether you are in the market for new irons or a new driver, this is the way to go. Make sure you bring in your own set of clubs so we have something to compare to. It is important to bring your entire set even if you are just getting fit for either irons or woods. We will use a Trackman launch monitor to obtain your dynamic swing numbers and work to find you the proper length, proper shaft flex and proper lie angle. Then we will head outside so we can see the ball flight to make sure it fits how you view your game. Our goal is to make the game easier for you through equipment changes and tweaks. Integrity is extremely important in this business and we take that very serious.

Length & Lie Check

All skill levels

If you are concerned you might have the wrong clubs in your bag or you just made a purchase off the rack, this is a perfect and simple service for you. We will put you on the shaft analyzer and check your lie angle in about 15-20 minutes.

The power of knowing you are in the proper set up might help change your game. And if it turns out you need adjustments made to your current clubs or need new clubs all together, we will make sure you are taken care of and discuss your options.

Combo Fit

all skill levels

Looking for a complete switch through your bag? This service provides a fitting for both the woods and irons using Trackman and the Shaft Analyzer. We combine the service of the Advanced fit into your entire bag to get your swing statistics. Some times a complete change is something that is attractive for all types of golfers...maybe your equipment was a "hand-me-down" or is outdated; maybe you purchased a starter set to "get going". The combo fit addresses people who have these concerns.

This service can be provided in one appointment for 2 hours. However, we are happy to break it into two separate fittings, one for the irons and one for the woods. That way you are being fit on fresh legs! We will leave that up to you!

Full Club Fitting Services and Pricing


 1)     Advanced Fit                                                                              $125

-Price includes either for driver OR for irons using Trackman and traditional fitting resources. This offering is for fitting ONLY; 1 hour

 2)     Length & Lie Angle Check                                                     $35

-Check player’s current irons for proper length and lie angle; 15 minutes

 3)     Combo Fit                                                                                  $225

-Combine any 2 parts of your bag: Driver & Irons; Irons & Wedges; Woods & Irons; 2 hours

4)     Super Fit                                                                                     $400

-Includes lunch with Ted and a complete fitting through the bag; irons, woods & wedges with a Trackman analysis of distances for each club; 3 hours

We can also fit you for one club including a fairway, hybrid, putter and we can fit you for wedges as well. Pricing is determined based on the scope of the demand.

 *All fitting time duration are estimates


(10% discount for Veterans and current members of the armed forces)

Manufacturer List:


We have the ability to work with many vendors and obtain clubs for you to try and get custom fit for. Readily available on a daily basis we have the following: Callaway, Cobra, Cleveland/Srixon, Mizuno & TaylorMade. We can set up a fitting 5 days (in some cases sooner) with the following manufacturers:  Ping & Titleist.

Apex Golf can also set up a putter fitting with Odyssey Putters. 1 week in advance required for setting up this appointment.



Ted Swartwood


Ted Swartwood, owner of Apex Golf, has been a certified club fitter for more than 10 years and recently attained "Master Level Certification" with Callaway. Only about 200 individuals have achieved this status throughout the United States. Ted has serviced over 5,000 individuals in the greater NY/NJ area for their fitting needs. He has worked with several successful local PGA Professionals for their equipment needs and was chosen to work with the “Wounded Warriors” Foundation to fit servicemen and women who returned from active duty after being wounded in combat for golf clubs. Segments of that experience aired on CBS Golf telecasts. Ted is highly regarded in the NJPGA Section as a club fitter and brings that integrity along with Trackman™ technology to provide you with an unparalleled custom golf fitting experience. His philosophy is to combine traditional fitting principles that have stood the test of time with highly sophisticated technology of today. 

For more information contact Ted via the information below.

Call OR Text: (908) 644-9374
Email: ted.apexgolf@gmail.com